Monday, April 15, 2013

The Magical Product Swap


WOW! This was without a doubt, a MAGICAL swap. I cannot thank Jessica enough for pairing me up with Jivey over at Ideas by Jivey. She has so many amazing products to offer that I COULDN'T (not wouldn't, I honestly couldn't) choose just one! Thankfully Jivey was kind enough to swap TWO items. That's right, you heard correct...not one, but TWO AMAZING PRODUCTS!!

Make sure you stop by her blog to see some of the wonderful "ideas" she has...I'm so happy that I did =)

The first product I tried out with my class was her Figurative Language About love: Scoot!
My kids had so much fun "scooting" around the room as they tried to determine what type of figurative language was being used - such as metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, and more!
The best part about this was my assistant principal walked in and LOVED it so much that she wrote me a beautiful letter for my file regarding how motivated and actively involved ALL of my students were (so thank you for that too Jivey ).

Included was a cute recording sheet pictured above.

And some very adorable figurative language cards that I laminated so I can use again.

The second product I used with my class was her Memoirs of a Goldfish Mentor Text Unit.
This was a GREAT book to use for sequencing, cause and effect, problem and solution, and character's reaction. The activities created by Jivey for this book were simply amazing! Once again, ALL of my students were actively engaged with the activities created by Jivey. I couldn't choose just one activity to do with my class because they were all wonderful! So, I decided to break students up into groups. I told each group that they would be completing a different task based on the story.

One group had to summarize the story...

Another group sequenced the events and identified the character's reaction to each event...

And another group identified causes and effects...

The last group created a character map...

I printed the worksheets in black and white, but you can print them out in color too...

This truly was an amazing experience and I look forward to participating in the Magic Product Swap again in the future. Thank you so much again Jessica Stanford and Jivey!


  1. Thank you for such a sweet review!! They did a great job! :) Glad I could help on the review too! ;-) My review will go live at 7 tonight! Thanks again for being a great product swap partner! :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. These sound like two really great products! You did a fabulous job reviewing them! Your blog is so cute. I am heading over to Jivey's blog to read all about your products!