Sunday, March 31, 2013


I'm linking up with Farley over at "Oh' Boy 4th Grade" for her monthly "Currently".

I'm not really sure how to add the text, so I did the best I could with what I knew how to do.

Listening: The rain hitting my windowsill
Loving: Being with my family this week
Thinking: Thank goodness the cold weather is almost over
Wanting: SUMMER
Needing: A housekeeper to help with the "spring" cleaning
Advice: TpT is definitely addictive. Take a break and spend time with your family <3

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What time is it??

...or should I ask, "What DAY is it!?"
Where do you all find the time?? I started this blog thinking how great it would be to share my classroom experiences and all of the great products I made (and planned on making...key word here is 'planned') but I'm so overwhelmed with everyday life that I barely find time for this! Teaching is my passion and I absolutely love what I do...but trying to find the time to share it...sheeeesh!

I'm going to make a commitment to myself to post at least once a week...not just on holidays when I have the extra time =)

So for this week I'd like to share the cutest clock labels that I found on TpT. My kids LOVE it! And believe it or not- even 4th graders are constantly asking "what time is it?" when they sign out to use the bathroom. I'm sure you've seen them somewhere in cyberspace at one time or another, but they really are very useful...and brighten up the wall around the clock too!

My students are actually able to figure out the time now (of course with the clock labels). In 4th grade they really should KNOW this skill, but the fact of the matter is- not all 4th (or even 5th) graders can do this yet. Kids are so dependent on technology that displays a digital time (such as ipads, ipods, cell phones, digital watches, cable boxes, microwaves, stoves, etc) that they have no idea how to read an analog clock!

I feel that the constant reinforcement of them looking up at these numbers will actually help them to remember it. I plan on taking one number away a week. For example, next week I'll take the "15" away. Then the following week I'll take the "40" away. And so on. Hopefully that will work.

You can click HERE to find these clock labels. And best of all they're FREE! I also love that they come in 3 different designs: Black and white, neon, and zebra. 
Thank you "Journey of a Substitute Teacher"! I love this!